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Busy Times, Postgraduate Study & Internships

So it’s been a while since I last found the time to update the blog. Unfortunately, going into the final year of my undergraduate degree has taken up a significant amount of my time. As well as work for university, I’ve also been dealing with various applications for internships in the summer of 2013 and postgraduate programs for 2013/14, which leads me to…

One small request…

In order to help me find summer internship opportunities, I would greatly appreciate it if you take a look at my online Visual Résumé (or my LinkedIn) and then share it, refer it to others or even contact me directly if you know of any interesting internship opportunities.

What am I looking for?

I have 5 months of work experience at two of Scandinavia’s leading banks and have the top grades on my course at a leading UK university. I am open to any opportunities within Management Consulting, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Corporate Banking, Risk, Accounting or any other fields that you think I might be suited to.

Where would I like to work?

Ideally, I’d prefer opportunities based in London since this would save me money on the costs such as accommodation. However, I am also willing to travel elsewhere in the UK or abroad, as long as I am able to find a way to finance my costs. As I said, this is simply to help me in my job search so that I could find work that suits me, at a company that values my skills. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.


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